Wednesday, April 30, 2014

About the Prints: Treat Yo Self Cupcake

Relief Print
Rubber Stamp
Traditionally Printed in Black, Block Ink

My most popular print as of right now.  So much so that, even though I originally only sold it as an individual card, I had to start offering Boxed Sets for people that wanted them.

While the image shown here was inked pretty heavily, I prefer it a little more worn looking printed on a neutral colored paper for that popular rustic look.

The "treat yo self" is an obvious shout out to the popular TV series Parks and Recreation while the phrase itself just plays as a nice reminder to just be good to yourself and it isn't bad to spoil yourself now and then.

Great For: Presenting gift cards or cash gifts; Stationary or patches for those who just love dessert

Monday, April 28, 2014


After college I seemed to have a difficult time getting myself back into personal art projects.  Although I had discovered my love of printmaking at school I never really allowed myself to follow that interest on my own.  

My recent move has left me with plenty of extra time where I managed to rediscover the things I love to do.  Since I began producing quite a bit I felt I would try to share completed pieces as well as projects in-progress.  

I am also hoping to start commission pieces once I figure out a system for that.  

I really excited for all of the things that I hope to accomplish and look forward to what the future has in store.