Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Show: Fox and Falcon (ROACH) - 2012

Intaglio Print, Watercolors, Colored Pencil, Woodblock

ROACH Magazine

ROACH Magazine was developed with the idea that even when the world ends, style never dies.  To do this I simply combined two things I love: fashion and the macabre. 
I looked to apocalyptic or dystopian films for inspiration and used six of my favorite potential ends of the world.  These being zombie apocalypse, ice age, a world ruled by computers, a world overrun by plants, a world submerged in water and nuclear holocaust.  It is up to the viewer as to whether each end is due to natural causes or by the hand of mankind.
The text one can read in the displayed magazine was primarily written by other people (credit is given on the inside cover).  These friends and peers offered to write their own personal interpretation of what the end of the world would mean.  Some looked to the images for inspiration, others used their own imaginations.  The advertisements use actual designer brands which I hoped would be somewhat recognizable to the readers.

            All of the covers are etchings on copper plates which were then colored with watercolors and colored pencils.  The magazine itself was processed on the computer then printed and bound with a standard stab binding.  I encourage people to browse through it and even read their horoscopes for the end of the world.  

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

About the Prints: Octopus

Traditionally Printed Black Block Ink

Octopi have long been one of my favorite things to draw so this is on the top of my list at the moment.

While carving within the body of the octopus I made sure to follow the shape of the form itself, knowing and hoping a few carving lines would appear to add some texture to the creature.

Great For: General Correspondence; Summer or beach related events

Sunday, May 4, 2014

About the Prints: Quill

Rubber Stamp
Black Acid-Free Ink Pad

The most classic and versatile of my prints thus far.  I prefer printing it off center and create text for the quill to "write."

Great For: Thank you notes; general correspondence, invitations

Friday, May 2, 2014

About the Prints: Sailor Moon Wand

Relief Print
Rubber Stamp
Traditionally Printed Black, Acid-Free, Ink Pads

A more rustic take on the classic '90's show.  A hand-carved version of Sailor Moon's Celestial Wand.  

Although traditionally printed in solid black, it is easy to use the traditional yellow-pink colors on this design.

Great For: General fans of the Anime; Invitations for watching the original series or celebrating the arrival of the new Sailor Moon Crystal series